About Us

Koehler Lighting Products has established a long, accomplished tradition in the design and development of batteries and lamps for mine safety. Founded by German immigrant Ernest F. Koehler in 1912 in Massachusetts, our company manufactured the first naphtha-burning safety lamp ever approved by the U.S. Bureau of Mines for explosive coal mine atmospheres. In 1915, that lamp received a gold medal marking the opening of the Panama Canal—the first of a number of milestones. This was followed by the development and production first electric cap lamp power by the WHEAT lead-acid battery.

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By 1918, Koehler developed the very first electric, rechargeable cap lamp with Grant Wheat. This became known as the WHEAT battery and WHEAT cap lamp. Through the decades Koehler kept refining the WHEAT products. Then in the late 1950’s Koehler licensed the technology to Oldham, based in the UK. Oldham introduced the products to the European and Australian market; that relationship continued until the 1970’s. During the first decade of the 21st century Koehler developed the world’s first Lithium Ion powered cap lamp which continued to provide the most reliable light but expanded functionality to provide the most reliable power for emerging technologies.

Today, Koehler Lighting Products is a Marmon Group/Berkshire Hathaway Company with its home in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania. Our commitment to mine safety is as steadfast now as it was when Ernest Koehler founded the company in 1912. This continuing commitment is why Koehler has remained strong for 100 years, and why we remain the leader in underground lighting and portable power solutions.




The global leader in innovative safety
products that erase darkness.


Mission – Koehler Lighting Products

 To provide innovative lighting and power solutions to global mining operations that demand safe and reliable products.

Quality Statement

To set measurable goals each year as part of our Management review, which include measuring system performance, obtaining customer feedback, setting higher standards, and establishing a plan to always remain ahead of our competition in both performance and customer service.

Safety Statement

To eliminate or control both known and potential safety hazards that face us on a daily basis by involving every employee through proactive awareness training and preventative maintenance programs.



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