Koehler BrightStar manufactures intrinsically safe flashlights, lanterns and headlamps that help Firefighters, First Responders and EMS stay safe and get the job done. Celebrating 110 years this year, the company develops and ships safety approved products from Hanover Township, Pennsylvania. The company also serves the Mining, Marine, Industrial, and Manufacturing industries, and these durable, reliable products are used in some of the darkest, most challenging environments all over the world.

Koehler BrightStar History

Koehler and BrightStar were originally two separate companies, each founded 100 years ago. Now, operating together as Koehler BrightStar, LLC, the company’s commitment to safety is as steadfast now as its predecessors were a century ago.

BrightStar was founded in 1909 as a battery manufacturer. In the 1930’s BrightStar developed and produced the first plastic safety certified flashlight for use in hazardous locations.

Koehler has a long, accomplished tradition in the design and development of batteries and lamps for mine safety. Founded in 1912, Koehler manufactured the first naptha-burning safety light ever approved by the U.S. Bureau of Mines for explosive coal mining atmospheres. In 1918 Koehler developed the first electric, rechargeable cap lamp. Koehler went on to develop the world’s first Lithium Ion powered cap lamp, which continued to provide the most reliable light in the marketplace.

Koehler BrightStar continues to develop and manufacture innovative lighting products for those who work underground, in manufacturing and power plants, on the water, and wherever they are needed to assist those in challenging environments. Located in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania, Koehler BrightStar is a member of the Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway Company; part of an international association of manufacturing and service companies which consists of over 150 autonomously run business units, located in 300 facilities in 22 countries with 17,000 employees.