Wheat Batteries

Koehler Wheat Caplamps are a unique combination of lighting, energy storage and power conversion elements which provide the ultimate in personal lighting and safety. Wheat Batteries are lithium ion technology and Made in the USA. The unique deep-discharge design comprises the best in safety, reliability, low maintenance cost and long life.





The BM30G bulb is manufactured with higher quality materials and offers  a better spot than before. This 4-volt xenon bulb is rated at 40 lumens with dual-equal focusable filaments and offers a typical field life of 400+ hours.  The BM30G features a frosted tip on the bulb to reduce halo effect.


Click Here for the BM-30G Engineering Data Sheet

Click Here for the MSHA acceptable bulb list


The WHEAT GEN II Caplamp is designed to be an ergonomic, user friendly, no maintenance alternative to the traditional Lead Acid powered cap lamp system.  At the heart of this new generation Caplamp is a Lithium-Ion battery pack.  This allows it to be very small and very light weight.  In fact, it takes up only one third of the volume and weighs only 25% of our standard Lead Acid Caplamp.

Click Here for the Cordless WHEAT GEN II Engineering Data Sheet